The Secret

The secret of our finishes is quite simply the Metalier binders.  They are the critical ingredient that allows for the metal powders to be applied to their chosen substrate and are the result of  years of ongoing research and development by Metalier Ltd.  Without a Metalier binder you do not have Metalier Coatings decorative metal system.  It is a decorative metal system so good, it is now sold worldwide as shown below.  Metalier Champagne Gold was applied to the escalators in Harrods UK, by Metalier UK.

Escalators in Harrods UK which have been coated in Metalier Champagne Gold

The Process

Metalier is a hand-crafted bespoke finish where the application and finishing is all done by hand. This means each piece is individually crafted as no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish, which is one of the beauties of Metalier coatings. They are a high-end luxury finish for people who prize individuality and exclusivity.

Metalier Coatings are made of genuine metal powders mixed with a binder. When finished they are up to 95% pure metal and will behave like other forms of solid metal or sheetmetal. They are organic so they rust and age like the solid counterparts. This can be prevented by applying a gloss or satin clear coat.

Finished smooth coats are less than .5mm thick. Textures can be up to 3-4mm thick. 


Standard range of metals:

  • Aluminium

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Copper

  • Gold

  • Iron

  • Silver

  • Multi-metals

A range of Metalier samples


'The Finishing Touches' are those formulations that give your finished items either different decorative effects or added surface protection, such as:

  • Patina's

  • Clear Coats

  • Waxes and Polishes

Brass Antique.jpg
Different substrates on the one table that have been coated with Metalier Bronze


Metalier coatings can be applied to almost any substrate with the exceptions of waxy or silicone surfaces.

An example of a Metalier finish that has utilised the high performance binder to achieve a texture.


There are three binders available, each with their own strengths: 

  • High performance solvent

  • Water based

  • Flexible water based


The Finer Points


Metalier Coatings are applied by trained professionals. In the South Island, the coatings are applied by Remarkable Surfaces in their Christchurch workshop, whereas all North Island coatings are applied by Metalier in their Henderson workshop.

For enquiries and more information:
Contact Suzanne at Remarkable Surfaces by telephone 0275 395 753  or email

Contact Mary at Metalier Auckland by telephone 09 376 7099 or email.



On request, we can provide Designers and Specifiers with business-card sized samples, at no charge,  of a variety of the finishes and metals available.  As there is an infinite range of possibilities, it is not possible to provide a complete range of finishes. New finishes are also continually being introduced to the range.

Should a larger sample be required, there will be a small charge due to the time it takes and the materials used in preparation of the sample.  This sample cost is then deducted from the job, should it proceed.

As Metalier is a handcrafted finish, any samples received are only an indication of the finish.  This is a particularly important consideration with any aged metal samples.  There will be slightly different reactions between the patina and the metal, with each item aged and even across the surface of the same item.  This is an intended inconsistency that replicates the natural aging of metals.


Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity will all effect the outcome of the desired patina and lead to variations in color and shade.  This is the beauty of aging with patinas and ensures every piece is bespoke.  It does however also mean that any sample received is only an indication of the possible finish visible within areas of the finished item.

Typically, a designer or other specifier will select the finish required with the client, with or without our help and guidance.

Then the joiner or builder making the object to be coated will contact us for a quote and lead times.  The work is delivered to the workshop by the manufacturer. They will also pick it up when the job is finished.


Metalier is a handcrafted finish and the labour and creativity that goes into creating a bespoke finish are reflected in the pricing.

There are some metals more cost-effective than others and some finishes too.


There are several components to pricing:

  • The metal chosen

  • The finish

  • Whether the piece has edges or an unusual shape

  • Whether there is to be a patina applied to the metal

  • If it is textured finish

  • The substrate

  • Whether masking is required

We are always happy to assist you and your clients achieve the look that you desire.


Metalier Coatings which are protected by Metalier Proprietary Clear Coat are easily maintained and should only need dusting with a soft cloth and occasional cleaning.

Dust surfaces with a damp microfibre cloth or soft material cloth.

If water alone does not clean the surface,  use a mild cleaner such as a Dishwashing Liquid – 1% cleaner to 99% lukewarm water. Rinse the surfaces with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.


Do NOT soak the surfaces. Do not ever use aggressive chemicals or highly abrasive materials including domestic metal cleaners.

Further cleaning instructions can be found in the Metalier Specifications.

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