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The Secret

The secret of our finishes is quite simply the Metalier binders.  They are the critical ingredient that allows for the metal powders to be applied to their chosen substrate and are the result of  years of ongoing research and development by Metalier International Ltd.  Without a Metalier binder you do not have Metalier Coatings decorative metal system.  It is a decorative metal system so good, it is now sold worldwide as shown below.  Metalier Champagne Gold was applied to the escalators in Harrods UK, by Metalier UK.

Escalators in Harrods UK which have been coated in Metalier Champagne Gold

The Process

Metalier is a hand-crafted bespoke finish where the application and finishing is all done by hand. This means each piece is individually crafted as no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish. This is one of the beauties of Metalier coatings. They are a high-end luxury finish for people who prize individuality and exclusivity.

Metalier Coatings are made of genuine metal powders mixed with a binder, then sprayed for a smooth finish or various techniques are used to create a textured finish. Once the coating has been applied and fully cured, it is sanded to expose the beautiful metal surface beneath.  After the metals are exposed, they are polished, patinated or otherwise finished as required.  When polished, because most of the binder is sanded away, the coatings can be up to 95% pure metal and will behave like other forms of solid metal or sheet metal. They are organic so they rust and age like the solid counterparts. This can be significantly slowed by applying a gloss or satin clear coat.

Finished smooth coats are less than .5mm thick. Textures can be up to 2-3mm thick. 

Different substrates on the one table that have been coated with Metalier Bronze


Metalier liquid metal can be applied to almost any substrate with the exceptions of waxy or silicone surfaces. They are suitable for both interior and exterior use and are resistant to UV damage.



There are two binders available, each with their own strengths: 

  • High performance solvent

  • Water based

The Process
Finishing Touches


Standard range of metals:

  • Aluminium

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Copper

  • Gold

  • Iron

  • Silver

  • Multi-metals

Web Farry picture.jpg

Finishing Touches

'The Finishing Touches' are those formulations that give your finished items either different decorative effects or added surface protection, such as:

  • Patinas

  • Clear Coats

  • Waxes and Polishes



Where to use Metalier:

  • Rangehoods

  • Splashbacks

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry

  • Front doors

  • Feature walls

  • Fireplace surrounds

  • Decorative panels

  • Gates and fences


Even more uses

  • Sculptures

  • Reception desks and bars

  • Signage

  • Furniture

  • Shelving

  • Elevator doors and interiors

  • Light fittings

  • Tiles

  • plus many more

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