The Finishing Touches



There are currently  3 formulations of patinas within the Metalier range which will react with different metals in different ways.  However some metals such as Gunmetal Bronze and Gunmetal Silver will not react with a patina.  

Applying a patina is a bit like having fun in a chemistry lab, as you watch the  reaction of the patina with the exposed metal surface. Even atmospheric conditions like temperature and humidity have an effect on the patina colours, as will diluting the patina with water. 

There will be slightly different reactions between the patina and the metal with each item aged, as well as variations within the same item.  This is an intended inconsistency that replicates the natural aging of metals, with variations in both color and shade.

This is the beauty of aging with patinas and ensures every piece is bespoke.  It does however also mean that any sample received is only an indication of the possible finish visible within areas of the finished item.

Using patina's is like creating a unique piece of art.  The different effects are as follows:

  • M5, can be used on iron to create different rust. In most conditions M5 creates a red-brown rust.

  • M5 creates a green patination effect on the brown metals; bronze, brass and copper. and smoky bronze.

  • M16 creates an aged look in brass, bronze and smoky bronze.

  • M16 will create a blackened steel look on iron.

  • M18 creates various aged copper effects.

  • Undiluted M18 creates very dark colouring whilst heavily diluted M18 creates a pearlescent effect.

Nano Metal Clear Coat

The clear coat we use is a cutting edge formulation that solves a problem that just can’t be avoided. Metal oxidises and the only thing you can do to stop it, is to seal it. But if you are going to seal it, make sure it is Metalier's Nano Metal Clear Coat.  It is a coating that works at a molecular level by combining organic polymers with inorganic oxide. It also has the added bonus of UV protection and an anti-graffiti coating as well.


If the coating is not abraided it should easily last 5 - 10 years.


Metalier’s Nano Metal Clear Coat is an option when you want to preserve the look created and do not want oxidisation to continue. It is available in both satin and gloss finishes.

Waxes and Polishes

Choose waxes and polishes that are as fluid as possible as they will allow applicators to spread them more evenly and to work them into the metals more readily until the desired affect is created.


Waxes and polishes help to slow oxidisation as well as helping to remove finger marks..

All metals and metal finishes are prone to show finger marks. Polish will remove these, except perhaps for the very worst which may require a light sanding with scotchbrite or a similar mild abrasive. As the metals age and cure more deeply they are less prone to marks,and polish alone will keep the surface pristine. Do not clean Metalier metals with harsh abrasives such as Brasso.