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Metalier Binders

High Performance Solvent Based Binder

This binder has been formulated for strength and durability with an almost unlimited life span when used for interior applications and 25 years + when used  outdoors.


It is the ideal binder to use when surface hardness is vital and can be used for reception desks, desk tops, counter tops, slatwall panels  and even floors.


Metalier's High Performance Solvent Binder is a 'must have' ingredient for any of the textured finishes.


Water Based Binder


Metalier’s water based binder is revolutionary and has changed the face of the composite metals industry.


A water based binder allows for easier in-situ applications due to there being no unpleasant smells when applying and quicker drying times.


It will also take a patina much quicker than the solvent version and there are many beautiful effects that can be achieved with Metalier patinas, such as aging, rusting, pearlescent and verdigris.


This water based binder is the ideal choice when a smooth surface is required that doesn't need the same hardness that is achieved with the solvent binder.




Each of the binders have their own strengths and the one  you choose depends on a number of factors:


  • the substrate

  • whether the surface is vertical or horizontal

  • will it be subject to heavy use – a bench-top or floor for example?

  • is the finish to be textured?

  • is the substrate to be patinated or rusted?

  • what metal has been chosen?

  • is it in situ application or a workshop one?

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