Metalier is the answer to any decorative metal design concept as it is a liquid metal that can be applied  seamlessly to many different substrates whether it is over large areas , going around curves and corners or even intricate detailed work.  This coating acts like a metal veneer that can be polished, patinated, textured and even flexible.  The question isn't what uses does it have......  the question is what uses doesn't it have.

Architects & designers, boat builders and landscape architects


Metalier metal coatings can be used both inside and out.

Applying a Metalier liquid metal coatings will create a beautiful, durable, genuine metal finish.


As Auckland designer David Ponting has said: Metalier metal finishes are “metal as art”.


With an infinite range of possible finishes available,Metalier metal finishes give you the opportunity to make a significant artistic statement.  It wiill be a finish that is handcrafted to give clients something that is truly unique to them and not just another product churned out in this world of mass production.


Some examples of uses:



         Bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs


         Lifts, foyers, offices, reception areas



         Arcades, malls and shops



         Boats, launches, super yachts



         Private jets



         Private residences, holiday homes




  • Galley cupboards and yacht and launch cabinetry.

  • Elevator doors, interiors and surrounds.

  • Feature walls.

  • Building panels and decorative panels.

  • Reception desks and bars.

  • Front doors, boardroom doors, feature doors, door handles.

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

  • Fireplace surrounds.

  • Chairs, sofa arms, benches, shelves.

  • Decorative timber flooring.

  • Tables, boardroom tables.

  • Light fittings and switches.



  • Gates and fences.

  • Swimming pool surrounds.

  • Water features, garden art, sculpture.

  • Tiles, doors, louvres.

  • Chimney surrounds.

  • Light fittings and switches.

  • Statement front doors.



Metalier UK - Bass multi faced bar front
Coco Espresso - bend of Gunmetal Bronze and Aluminium liquid metals in a textured finish.
Metalier Auckland - Specialist Silver liquid metal in Common Room

Leicester Grand Hotel - Brass multi faced bar front

by Metalier UK (Granlyn Specialist Coatings)

Chapman Tripp Lawyers - Specialist Silver Common Room

by Metalier Auckland

Coco Espresso - Gunmetal Bronze and Aluminium blend

by Remarkable Surfaces

Metalier Aluminium liquid metal applied to MDF numbers



Metalier metal coatings are a signwriter’s dream as our cold-spray liquid metal coating process offer many benefits to signwriters, such as...



  • They are light, which makes fixing so much easier. Installations are a breeze. Double-sided tape rules!

  • It is so much quicker to cut signs out of acrylic and other softer substrates than it is to router them out of sheet metal. And time is money.

  • There is no wastage of those expensive sheet metals. More money to be saved.

  • The size of your sign is not limited by the size of the sheet of metal.

  • There is an almost infinite variety of finishes so you can customise your client’s signage. They and you can be unique – stand out from the crowd

  • Metalier metal finishes can be used indoors and out.

Numbers - Textured Aluminium

by Remarkable Surfaces

Film Industry


Metalier’s  flexible metal coatings take the making of metal armour and metal costumes to a new level. The flexible metal coatings allow you to have flex without losing the shine that is so important to TV and film special effects.


Metalier flexible metal coatings tick all the boxes…

  • They can be very shiny.

  • They can flex – so much so that they can be scrunched up and rolled.

  • They are very quick to polish – saving many hours of boring labour.

  • They are very durable – you can fall off your horse and/or “play dead” without damaging the coating.

  • They are clean so you can hug the heroine without marking her dress.

  • They don’t need constant repair.

  • They are surprisingly cost-effective.

  • They are water-based, so no nasty smell.

  • Designed specially for the TV & film special effects industries