So what is Metalier exactly?  It is a decorative metal coating.


Metalier is a cold-spray composite metal coating that allows you to make any substrate look as though it is solid metal.  It is a metal finish, like a veneer, which has two main ingredients – the metals and the binders. There are also important extras – patina, waxes, polishes and a nano clear coat. 

Metalier Gunmetal Bronze (Ravine) liquid metal coating applied to large wall panels

Candor Lounge - Polished Metalier Gunmetal Bronze wall panels

by Metalier Auckland

Benefits of Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings


  • Offers excellent surface protection and dramatic visual appeal.

  • Allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces.

  • Offers a seamless metal coating solution.

  • Presents a variety of surface textures.

  • Has a high metal content resulting in an extremely strong, durable metal coating.

  • Creates a final product that is waterproof and UV resistant.

  • Gives a high level of surface protection when used in conjunction with primers and sealers.

  • Is highly resistant to knocks, cracking and peeling.

  • Does not shrink after application.

  • Will not support a flame.

  • Does not conduct electricity and is non-galvanic.

  • All metal finishes, except iron, are non-magnetic.

  • Most important benefit is that it looks fantastic!