Other Halo Products

Halo Antimicrobial Coatings

Kills 99.4% of microorganisms.


Add Halo’s Bio-S to Graffiti, Concrete, Metal, Vinyl, Stone and Wood Coats and it will make all these coatings antimicrobial and add to the protection they already offer.  It has been laboratory-tested to prove that it kills 99.4% of dangerous and deadly microorganisms and will last for the life of the coating.


Halo Antimicrobial Coatings are available in two strengths:

Halo’s Bio-S can be added in either regular or hospital grade strengths to any of the solvent coatings in the Halo range.  The different strengths have the same kill rate.

Hospital grade kills microorganisms in 4 hours.

Regular grade kills microorganisms in 16 hours.


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Halo Auto-revive

Designed to make your car look like new for longer.


Halo Auto-revive is a very thin transparent coating which penetrates the surface of rubber tyres, hoses and shock-absorber covers.  It also can be used on plastic or vinyl dashboards and trims.  It restores original colour and lustre caused by UV damage and protects them from future damage.


To be fair, we need to warn you that if you have let the surface get too damaged Halo Auto-revive, while it does perform miracles, won’t perform this one.  Surfaces where the original pigment is too low cannot be restored.


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Halo Fabric

Protect fabric from sun, from fading, and from uv and water damage.

** Currently unavailable as it is being reformulated.


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Halo Glass

Is designed to protect glass in all areas - domestic, commercial and industrial.

** Currently unavailable as it is being reformulated.


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Halo Multi-surface Sealer

Is an invisible water based sealer for heritage buildings and for paths and walkways.  It can be used on almost any substrate and will repel water, stains and moisture.


It will not change the appearance of the surface to which it is applied. That is why it is an ideal solution for historic and heritage buildings. Most importantly, it does not leave any harmful build-up or residue within the fabric of the building.  Buildings that have already stood the test of time and are fighting the effects of modern pollution will have secure futures.


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Halo Polished-Stone Sealer

Halo Polished Stone Sealer is clear and breathable polished surface sealer that provides a long-lasting UV-resistant surface that repels water and stains. It is the equivalent of Halo Multi-surface Sealer, but for polished stone surfaces.


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Halo Quick Clean

Halo Quick Clean makes cleaning quick and easy - commercially & at home.  It is a thin non-sacrificial easy clean coating to protect tiles, concrete and painted surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.  It can be used in homes, offices, in the factory and in hotels and motels.


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Halo Tie Coat primer

Halo Tie Coat Primer means no more sanding or mechanical sanding and can be applied to almost any substrate. Here are some of them – painted or unpainted iron, aluminium, copper and other metals, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, powder-coated and galvanized surfaces, wood, rubber, plastic, fibreglass and glass.


Halo Tie Coat primer is a good choice for commerce and industry, saving time and money.


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Halo Vinyl

Halo Vinyl protects and preserves floors that would otherwise be waxed, giving a hard glossy barrier coat which will protect the vinyl flooring from stains, scuff marks, traffic wear and tear and abrasion. It has even been designed to be applied to flooring that has already been waxed, so that you do not need to strip it of wax before you apply Halo Vinyl.  This is where the savings begin.


Halo Vinyl’s much easier and quicker to clean than waxed floors and will prolong the life of the vinyl flooring. Best benefit yet...no more waxing!


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Halo Wood

Halo Wood is a high-performance coating designed as protection for protection for wood which is painted and sealed.  It is for use over sealed, stained or painted cabinetry and furniture.  It is suitable for bright work on boats, for boat rails and for pre-finished wooden planks prior to installation.  It is acid and stain resistant, UV stable and peel and flake resistant. Halo Wood will extend the life of the wood and protect against damage.


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