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Iron is a chemical element and metal.  Fresh iron surfaces are a lustrous silver gray but exposure to air causes oxidisation of the surface, known as rust.


Metalier’s Iron metal finish


Metalier iron metal finish is the only Metalier finish that is not able to be polished to a high shine.  A medium polished finish is the best that can be achieved.  However, it can stil be textured and waxed as all other Metalier metal liquid metal coatings.  The greatest feature of the Iron coating is that it can rust.


Rust... Rust... Rust..

Do you not find it interesting that the corrosion of metal should be such a popular designer choice nowadays? What are we trying to portray on a subconscious level? Is it that we have tamed nature and the only reason for the rusty surface is that we decided to force that item to rust away over time, or is it that we have embraced nature and the passage of time, and want to portray that what will happen, will happen? 


Regardless, a Metalier iron surface coating with a rust effect is simply a beautiful finishing effect that is only limited by ones imagination.  It is created with various patinas and while it is real rust, it only affects the coating and does not destroy the substrate.  You can specify rust and know that the substrate will remain intact.  Even corten steel, which slows the rust developing, will eventually be rusted away.


Once the desired level of Metalier’s rust has been achieved, the process can be halted by neutralising the patina. If the surface is in an area where it can be touched, then it is sealed with the Nano Metal Clear Coat. This is essential as Metalier rust is real rust, it is powdery and will get on clothes and skin. The Nano Metal Clear Coat protects the rust and skin and clothes.


Did you know?


The Eiffel Tower is made from iron and weighs around 10,000 tonnes.  50 tonnes of paint is then required every 7 years to protect it from rust.


Iron is the only element to have an Age named after it - The Iron Age. 


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