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Halo Anti Graffiti Coating protects property against vandalism


Halo’s Anti Graffiti Coating, because it is so very easy to clean, is the ideal product to discourage taggers.


  • Use it on metal, stucco, concrete, wood, brick, painted surfaces and silicone-free plastic.

  • It’s ideal for signs.

  • Halo’s Anti Graffiti Coating can be cleaned many times with a safe non-toxic cleaner.

  • The substrate won’t be damaged by repeated cleaning and the coating will last for many years and through repeated cleans.

  • Halo Graffiti allows rapid easy removal of marker pen and spray paint time after time without damaging the protected surface.


So why choose Halo Anti Graffiti Coating?


  • It's one pot which makes it easy to apply

  • It's cost effective

  • It lasts for multiple cleans and many years

  • It can be easily cleaned with a safe non-toxic cleaner

  • There is no need for costly re-painting (often with the color just not quite right!)

  • Save on call-out fees


Application areas:


  • Schools and lublic buildings

  • Residential dwellings and fences

  • Signage

  • Walls and murals

  • Train carraiages and stations

  • Underpass and motorway walls


Graffiti should be removed as soon as possible.


All the best research indicates that this is vital for two reasons.

  • It discourages the taggers as their “art” is either not seen at all or for only a short time.     

  • It also gives a strong message that people care about their properties and their communities.

Halo Graffiti