Halo Anti slip is a coating designed to help you stay upright!


Halo Anti-slip coating is a thin anti-slip protective coating designed to alleviate the problem of treacherous slippery floors.  It can be applied quickly and easily and will not damage or alter the underlining substrate as some other treatments can.  Nor will it leave behind unsightly big yellow grit.


The most important feature...


Halo Anti slip coating scored .59 in a wet-pendulum test in New Zealand against a building code requirement of .4


Other features and benefits:

  • durable - scored 39.11 in Taber Abrasive Tests so its tougher than granite

  • UV stable

  • peel and flake resistant

  • extends the life of the substrate surface

  • protects against weather, water, mild acids

  • easy to clean.  There is no need to use harsh and abrasive cleaners so you save money and the planet

  • is sensitive to the environment

  • just achieved AssureQuality Assessment for food/beverage/dairyfarm and factories food areas non-contact H3540


The anti-slip coating is ideal for:

  • poured concrete floors

  • masonry pavers

  • tiles

  • bricks

  • cement blocks


Application areas:

  • walkways

  • ramps

  • interiors of public buildings

  • retirement homes

  • hotels

  • convention centres

  • hospital entrances and paths

  • educational institutions

  • commercial kitchens

  • shopping malls

  • around swimming pools

  • basically anywhere that there is a possibility of slipping over



Halo provides a complete flooring system with Halo Enhancer Plus and Halo Anti-slip Coating

Halo Enhancer Plus is a super-fast-drying sealer which can be used as a sealer in its own right (when a coating is not desired or required) but can also be used as a sealer under Halo Anti-slip Coating. Because the sealer dries so fast, you can seal and coat a floor in one day which means less down-time and lower labour costs.  Check our Enhancer Plus for details of this sealer and enhancer which can also be coloured and used to create patterns.



Protect yourself, your staff and your customers by having Halo Anti-Slip applied to your floors.

Oh dear!  - No Anti-slip 

The Palms Mall - Anti-slip applied to tiled area outside an upper level entranceway.

Halo Anti-slip

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