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Gunmetal bronze metal finish (Ravine)


Gunmetal Bronze metal finish is a warm grey for use where there is water and the potential for rust damage – think bathrooms and kitchens for example.


Gunmetal bronze metal finish was created for two reasons: one is for occasions where a deep grey is required but iron is unsuitable because of the presence of water – and therefore rust that is unwelcome and not designed. The second reason is for occasions where greater warmth is required than iron can provide.


Iron is a favourite but the reality is that it oxidises and rusts far too easily to be a good choice in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Gunmetal bronze is the answer when a grey finish is required.


Gunmetal bronze metal finish was designed by Metalier


Gunmetal  Bronze metal finish is another copper alloy that was created to meet the needs of clients. As it’s a metal colour made to Metalier's specifications  and not generally available, it has been given its own names "Gunmetal Bronze" or  " Ravine" to distinguish it from the metals commonly in supply. Depending on which part of the world you are in, depends on the name it is refered it. In the UK they call it gunmetal bronze, wherease in the States they prefer Ravine.  Here in New Zealand we refer to it by both names. 


Gunmetal bronze metal finish (Ravine) can be textured and waxed


Like its alloy cousins, brass, bronze and smoky bronze, Ravine can be textured or waxed and polished to create the desired look and finish.  It doesn’t take a patina – but that’s a good thing as patinas create rust.

Gunmetal Bronze
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