Who is Halo Surfaces?

Halo Surfaces International Ltd, an international leader in nanotechnology, has it’s headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.  It’s European Hub is located in the UK and its North American hub in Texas. The Company’s personnel have many year’s experience in coatings, in decorative metals through their associated company Metalier International and in the automotive, construction and building sectors.   They have worked closely with leading architects and designers.  They also have experience in law, accounting and business administration.


Halo has the exclusive international rights, outside the USA, to supply a range of coatings and sealers manufactured using Matrix Nano™ nanotechnology.


Where were the products developed?

Matrix Nano™ nanotechnology was developed in the United States by scientists who worked on the American space programmes in Houston, Texas. 


What is  Matrix Nano™ nanotechnology?

This is the name given to a controlled chemical reaction which takes place in a reactor and causes the organic and inorganic components of the coating liquids to covalently bond into an integrated lattice matrix.    This results in products which excel in all performance properties.


What are the properties of Halo Products?

1.    Durability

2.    Corrosion resistance

3.    UV resistance

4.   Chemical resistance

5.   Abrasion resistance

6.   Temperature resistance

7.   Extremely hardness

8.   Excellent  adhesion to substrate

9.   Ease and convenience of use

10. Environmentally safe

11. High cross-linking density within the material itself

12. High cross-linking density bonding to the substrate


What are the advantages of Halo’s surface protection solutions?


First the coatings:

  • One pot: Many of the coatings, Graffiti, Metal, Concrete, and Vinyl and the sealers are one pot systems. Shake and open the can and get to work. This speeds up application and is good for the applicator and the client.

  • Very fine: The coatings are applied in a very fine layer. The graffiti product, for example, is applied at a thickness of 13-25 microns. Other graffiti protection coatings can be up to 70 microns. The thinness of the coat again speeds up application, is less obtrusive and, because it is so fine, a little goes a long way and the product is so much more cost-effective.

  • Repeat cleans: The graffiti coat can be cleaned over and over again with a natural non-toxic soy-based cleaner. Clients will be able to easily clean their own graffiti thus avoiding expensive call-out fees. And the substrate won’t be damaged.

  • Durability: All of the coatings are extremely durable. They have scored 39.11 on the Taber Abrasive test which means they have a higher resistance to wear than granite. 

  • Quick drying: All Halo Coatings are dry to the touch in one hour, dried through in 2-4 hours and fully cured in 7days. The quick early drying time is particularly important in damp or unreliable climates – you don’t have to wait for a full day of fine weather to be able to effectively apply Halo products.

  • Slows degradation: The coatings will not degrade as a result of exposure to UV rays.

  • Easy maintenance: All of the coatings are easy to maintain – soap and water and a soy-based detergent is all you need to keep Halo surfaces in pristine condition. This saves maintenance – imagine not having to polish the floors in supermarkets, malls and hospitals. And saving on maintenance means saving money.

  • Environmentally Sensitive: The coatings are water-resistant, non-breathable coatings, all with less than 100g/Litre VOC so they are environmentally sensitive.


Second the sealers:

  • Easy application: Halo sealers are so easy to apply. You roll or spray the surface depending on the substrate and whether you are using Multi-surface or Enhancer Plus and you can apply the second coat in 10-15 minutes. There is no hanging round waiting for the product to cure or coming back the next day.

  • Water based: Halo sealers are water-based with Zero VOCs.

  • Fast-drying:The Multi-surface sealer dries in 15 minutes

  • Very fast drying: The Enhancer Plus sealer is fully cured in 5 minutes – so you can put down the floor coating while you put the champagne on ice. This is a hugely valuable coating for restaurants and bars –especially those whose re-fit has gone a little over time ….

  • Water Repellent: The sealers are water-repellent, will not degrade in UV light and are a cost-effective way to protect historic buildings when it is important that they do not look “sealed”.

  • Easy Manitenance: Maintenance is easy and cost-effective with Halo sealers. Hose them down with water which will both repel and clean.



Why are Halo  Matrix-Nano™ nanotechnology coatings different from conventional coatings?

Most conventional industrial coatings are based on synthetic polymers with extremely large organic molecules. Polymers provide adhesion, chemical resistance and flexibility.  They are also susceptible to damage and degradation by exposure to sunlight.  Energetic solar degradation creates ‘free radicals’ dangling electrons that can tear apart large organic molecules and change their chemical properties, usually in undesirable ways.


Halo coatings are the reverse of conventional ones as they have a far larger proportion of inorganic oxides and their innovative process combines the best properties of those inorganic oxides with organic polymer components to provide elasticity, tensile strength, chemical resistance and adhesion.


But unlike conventional polymer coatings, Halo coatings are not simply mixed blends of inorganic and organic components.  Their unique process reorganizes the organic polymer chains and chemically bonds them within the inorganic lattice structure.  A completely integrated lattice matrix results and retains the best properties of each while eliminating virtually all of her less desirable properties of the components taken individually.  


And all this takes place at a nano technology level. Hence their name for the science – Matrix-Nano™.


Do you have SDS and MSDS sheets for the various products?

Yes, please just contact us and we will forward you copies.


Other questions not covered here?

Please contact us and we will be pleased to answer them for you