Some of the questions that have been asked over time:


Who is Metalier?

Metalier was established in 2005 as an applicator of metal coating systems. They quickly became disillusioned with the products supplied by other companies and decided that the only solution to improve on the metal coating systems technology available at the time, was to hire their own chemist, invest in R&D and create their own range of metal coatings.  That is exactly what they did.


They now manufacture their own metal coating systems in New Zealand and sell them throughout the world to distributors and applicators. They have distribution centres in New Zealand, England and the USA, and representatives in Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Russia. They  are also talking to prospective distributors in other countries so the Metalier network is continually growing.


As well as manufacturing and distributing Metalier metal coating systems internationally, they are also applied here in New Zealand by Metalier in the North Island and by Remarkable Surfaces in the South Island .


Are the Metalier Metal Coatings a type of metal paint?

No, they are not a metal paint. They are a cold sprayable metallising process, comprising up to 75% pure metal. Metalier metal coatings are an alternative to chrome plating, foundry metal, metallic paint finishes, plating, vacuum metallising, and other metallising processes.


Are Metalier decorative metal coatings metal plating?

No, metal plating is an electro-chemical process. Metalier metal coatings are a cold spray metallisation process that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. These include but are not limited to:

  • laminates

  • melamine

  • wood

  • plastic

  • gypsum

  • fiberglass

  • ceramics

  • concrete

  • foam

  • porcelain

  • glass

  • metal

  • paper

  • fabric


Are Metalier decorative metal coatings powder coating?

No. Powder coating is baked on. Metalier metal coatings do not involve heat and can be sprayed on, rolled on, hand applied or poured on. They may also be cast. Because this is a cold application process there is no heat impact or heat distortion of the substrate.


Can Metalier decorative metal coatings be used outdoors?

Metalier HP metal coatings are particularly suitable for outdoor use when the proper substrate is used and the coating correctly applied. Metalier HP metal coatings are extremely durable and are expected to last outdoors for up to 25 years. Metalier water-based metal coatings can also be used outdoors and are expected to have an outdoor lifespan of up to 15 years. Indoors, of course, their lifespan is similar to Metalier HP metal coatings.


How many coats are needed?

For some applications only one coat of Metalier metal coatings is required. A second coat is always required with a textured finish to give a good bond, and with a high polish finish to enable the product to have maximum visual depth. Where a second coat is required the undercoat need only contain a minimum quantity of metal so costs are kept low.


Is there any substrate that Metalier decorative metal coatings cannot be applied to?

The only substances known are waxes, silicone, unsealed Styrofoam, Teflon and some epoxies – and people!


Are Metalier decorative metal coatings flexible?

Metalier flexible metal coatings (The Film Series) is unique to Metalier and has been specially created for the film industry, which requires shiny flexible metal coatings. Metalier flexible metal coatings are so flexible that they can be applied to cloth.


Do Metalier decorative metal coatings conduct electricity?

No, Metalier metal coatings do not conduct electricity and are non-galvanic.


Do you have SDS and MSDS sheets for the various products?

Yes, please just contact us and we will forward you copies.


Other questions not covered here?

Please contact us and we will be pleased to answer them for you