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Copper is one of the few naturally occurring colored metals found, as most others are gray or silver.  It is a pinkish color when it is new but as soon as it is exposed to air, it turns an reddish orange color. Copper reacts slowly with atmospheric oxygen to form a layer of brown-black oxide which protects the underlying copper from more extensive corrosion. Over time Copper Carbonate will also oxidise and turn green (verdigris).


Metalier’s copper metal finish


Again, Metalier Copper is a liquid metal coating that can be smooth and shiny, textured for effect and it is one of the metals that takes particularly well to a patina, as shown in the above pictures.Copper is also important as an ingredient in the alloys brass and bronze – even gunmetal grey bronze.


Texture, patinate, wax or polish


Patina's can be applied to Metalier coatings to achieve a look of aged copper as well as artificially creating verdigris on its copper metal finish, neutralising the finish and then sealing it, if desired, so that the verdigris remains protected at just the level you want to preserve. 


Did you know?


A copper axe was found amongst the tools carried by Ozti The Iceman (3300 b.c), who was discovered in 1991. The axehead was almost pure copper and had been produced by a combination of casting, cold forging, polishing and sharpening.


Over 81,000 kgs of copper was used to make the Statue of Liberty





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