Gunmetal bronze  splatter with bronze overlay
Brass & Gunmetal Bronze duo
Copper & Bronze Duo
Brass & Gunmetal Bronze duo

Even more fun can be had with Metalier metals by creating different blends such as:


Mountain Gold: special formula of copper and brass


Rose Gold: another formula of copper and brass


Blush: a formula of aluminium and copper


Rose aluminium; yet another formula of aluminium and copper


Combine two metals in one finish:


With textured finishes we can even use two or more metals overlaid. The base coat metal is textured and the second layer of a different metal applied over the top. The highs of the textures will be polished back to reveal the first metal while the second metal will remain in the valleys. Any combination of metals can be used.


A further two tone can be created with iron and rust on a textured finish. The whole texture is rusted and then the highs sanded back so that the unrusted grey iron is revealed.

Metalier has unlimited options for creating unique finishes.

Combined Metals

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