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Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin with the earliest tin-alloy bronzes dating back to the late 4th millenium b.c.  It was used for tools, weapons, armour and various building materials because of its strength and durability.  Bronze is actually stronger and harder than any other common metal alloy, except steel.


Metalier bronze metal finish


Metalier bronze metal finish is one of the strongest and most versatile of the Metalier metals. It has many different effects and hues as the sample pictures here amply show.  This makes it a favourite with designers and architects.


Enhance the finish


Bronze metal finishes can also be patinated and waxed to create a variety of different effects, including the moody effects of black wax and the green verdigirs resulting from the application of one of Metaliers  Patinas.


Did you know?


Silver and bronze trumpets have been found in ancient egyptian graves, although they were used for military or religious puposes and not any ancient jazz bands. 


Bronze has also been the preferred metal for Bells throughout the ages, as it has just the right combination of hardness and resonance to make a beautiful sounding and long lasting bell.




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