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Brass is a yellowish alloy of copper and zinc and is commonly used for decorative purposes because of its resemblence to gold.  It is also perfect for making musical instruments beause of its high durability and workability.


Metalier’s brass metal finish


Metalier’s brass metal finish is a traditional mix of copper and zinc and it is made to Metalier's exact specification as to density and mesh.  Like other metals, it will oxidise over time.


The beauty of Metalier brass metal finish is that it is so much lighter and cost effective than sheet metal brass. This has huge implications for the use of the metal in architectural applications. Walls and door lintels do not need to be strengthened to cope with the weight of solid brass. The look and feel of solid brass can be achieved on cost-effective substrates such as MDF. But if you need strength, then a brass metal finish on steel may be an alternative. Both options were used to great effect in The Sugar Club fit-out in Auckland, New Zealand.


Textured, polished, waxed and patinated.


Like most of the Metalier metal coatings, Brass can be polished to a very shiny finish. It can also be textured and then waxed, or if you want it to look 'aged' then we can take to it with a little patina.


Did you know?


Brass was made without knowing how, as early as 3000 b.c. when ancient metalworkers were making bronze.  This was because the zinc needed for brass was often found together with tin, which is used for bronze making and it wasn't until 1746 that zinc was identified as a metal and its properties determined.


The process for making brass was then patented in England in 1781. 



Brass Sweeping Curves


Brass Papyrus

Brass Checker Plate



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