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Aluminium is close to being the worlds ideal metal as it very light, soft and ductile in a lovely soft shade of grey.  It also has the ability to resist corrosion.  It is these qualities that have made aluminium such a popular choice in modern architecture.


Metalier’s aluminium metal finish


Metalier’s aluminium metal finishes will also resist corrosion.


They can be used to compliment  existing aluminium features as we can create a smooth and shiny finish like most moulded and extruded aluminium joinery, they can be left in a "raw"state to add interest, or they can even be textured to add the ultimate interest and wow factor.

Do you want something a little bit moody?


As the aluminium metal finish cannot take a patina and it won’t rust. You can, however, create a moody look by applying Metalier's  black wax to it. This can be on a smooth or  textured section. The wax can accentuate the “lows” of a texture to give it greater depth. The aluminium metal finish can be tinted by adding a little copper to create a warm grey. Add a lot of copper and the result will be a blush pink colour.


Did you know?


Aluminium is the third most abundant element and the most abundant metal found in the earth's crust, although the most common metal found on earth is iron, due to the earths core.


Napoloean III served his most important guests on aluminium plates because at that time it was considered a noble metal alongside gold and silver. Mere gold was used for ordinary princes and dukes.



Aluminium Lyrical with black  wax
Aluminium Heavy Texture

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