Remarkable Surfaces is a company based in Christchurch that has been established as applicators of Metalier Coatings and Halo Surfaces products.  In consists of a husband and wife team, Wayne and Suzanne McInnes.


Both Wayne and Suzanne have been involved in a light engineering company, Tube Fab Ltd,  in Christchurch for the last 10 years.  As well as light engineering, Tube Fab also has their own powder coating facilities and wet spray areas.  Due to enquiries from customers, after much research on what type of unique finishes could be applied to steelwork, Suzanne came across an Auckland company Metalier International Ltd, which has specialised in developing liquid metal coatings that can be applied to any substrate such as metal, timber, glass, concrete and even fabric.  The absolute beauty of this product was that it didn't just result in a smooth shiny surface like most metals, but it could be textured to allow for an infinite range of possible finishes.


Suzanne was so intriqued by what she saw on Metalier's website, that she contacted them to discuss further.  Fortuitously for Suzanne, due to ever increasing demand for their coatings, Metalier International were looking for a company in Christchurch that had existing spray booths and experience in wet spraying, that could become applicators for their coatings in the South Island.  After all, they had applicators in other parts of the world such as the UK, America, Brunei, Russia and other parts of Europe, so why not the South Island of New Zealand.


While in Auckland undertaking training for Metalier Coatings, Wayne and Suzanne were also offered the opportunity to become applicators for Halo Surfaces range of products, as both Metalier and Halo's ranges of products compliment each other well.



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