Metalier aluminium liquid metal applied to MDF and then black waxed for a moody effect
Metalier Coatings

Metalier Coatings are liquid metal coatings that are truly remarkable and can be applied to just about any substrate, both indoors and outside.


Are you after something that is a little bit unique?  Something that is not simply metallic paint, a chrome spray finish, powder coating or even sheet metal? Are you tired of being given the same run of the mill finishes that everyone is offering with no thought to your individuality?


Here at Remarkable Surfaces we can help you express your personality with  Metalier liquid metal coatings.  They are cost effective, durable, absolutely beautiful and can be applied to any surface, such as metal, timber, glass, concrete and even fabric.


The absolute beauty of this product is that it doesn't just have to be a smooth shiny surface like most metals, but it can be textured to allow for an infinite range of possible finishes.  A finish that is handcrafted for customers to give them something truly unique to them and not just another product churned out in this world of mass production.


Some of the metals that can be applied are brass, copper, bronze, iron, aluminium and zinc, with new metals being developed all the time.   These finishes can then be polished, patinated, waxed or coated in a protective durable clear coat.


Metalier Coatings are seamless liquid metal coatings which allows even a complex surface to have a light-weight, real metal finish applied.